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Are you tired of filling your eyebrows every day?

Today we will show you how to do it in the fastest, simplest and lowest cost way. We will give you semi-permanent option with lasting appearance.


1. To start applying makeup to your eyebrows, you should apply a base cream or Vaseline around the area of the eyebrows to avoid staining the skin.
2. We will find a variety of tones, you should only choose one of greater convenience and take into account the tone of your hair.
3. In addition there is a variety of products with different forms of application, you must choose the one that is easiest to use.
4. Verify that you have the indicated items before beginning to make up your eyebrows.
5. You must follow the letter to the letter according to the stipulations of the manufacturer.
6. Remember that anything super dark can seem a little frightening.



Depending on the product you choose.

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